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Kent Langley
CxO & Founder @ Productionscale, inc.
Lives in: San Rafael, CA, United States
Kent's personal massive transformative purpose in life is to Apply Technology for Humanity. Kent is a sought after international speaker, teacher, mentor and advisor. Advisior to multiple companies. He is intensely focused on the intersections between Data Science and Exponential Organizations. Data Activation - Data is a strategic asset. As a unique asset class, it has attributes that make it a powerful tool for leverage in decision making. The largest and fastest growing companies thrive on Exponential Organizations - How CxO's can use the ExO methodology to implement transformative elements into their organizations that help them adapt and become Exponential Organizations (ExO)s. Kent founded and manages the technology research and advisory company ProductionScale, Inc. in California. He advises, consults, and builds companies using the best people, process, and technologies available. Kent as a particular focus on Data, Data Science, and Technology engineering and operations.
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